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Total Newbie


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Thought i would say 'hello'


First time posting on any forum, as well as being a total newbie to caravanning.

Currently a camper upgrading to a Sprite Major 6 - planning to part with my cash at NEC in Feb, after many months of deciding (so much choice, its bewildering)!


Only problem is, we only have 1 dealer close to us (& I don't like his prices), so facing having to buy from one further away. Anything I should specify up front?


I looked at Swift website & it 'appears' you can use any NCC/Swift Dealer to service/make warranty claim. But in practice is this really the case? Is my local dealer likely to refuse the work as we didn't buy from them?


But very excited, possibly more so than the kids!





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Hi Rita


Welcome aboard to you,

I haven't been here long myself but already I'm finding it's a decent forum with lots of good info amongst the posts.

Any registered dealer should be happy to take on your servicing, call in and have a word with your local before you buy, just for peace of mind. There is always the mobile service engineers, someone will know a local one to you with a good reputation.


Others will be along with more ideas for you I'm sure. Maybe a good idea to post in the Swift section too.


Enjoy your caravanning. .....and stop competing with the kids. ..LOL

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Hi Rita,


No you should not have any trouble servicing or getting warranty work done by your local dealer as long as he is a swift dealer. Have you considered asking the local dealer to price match ? They will often be prepared to do a deal - especially for a newbie, as you will no doubt need to buy all the accessories for your van in due course. Put the feelers out in terms " I will of course be buying awnings, aquarolls, etc etc in the future" & see what they say.


Enjoy your caravan - no fighting for the top bunk :)

2. 0ltr 150TDCi TITANIUM X KUGA + 2016 Elddis Crusader Mistral ( Misty )

" I could agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong "

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Gold to see you've found us. Welcome to Caravan Talk.



Fourwinds Hurricane 31D Motorhome. Also MGTF135 1. 8i Roadster (fun) & Volvo V70 3.2Ltr LPG (everyday car)
Unless otherwise stated, my posts will be my personal thoughts and have the same standing as any other member of Caravan and Motorhome Talk.

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