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Upgrading Waste System - Shower Issues


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Hi All,


Well i'm currently working through a list of things I want to improve on our van, 94 Abbey Somerset, and am getting through them quite well. But one thing I do want to improve is the waste outlets, it can take ages to drain the sinks.


Currently it's on the 20mm I think convulated piping, and will upgrade to 32mm pipe. My question is about the shower tray, does it have to be removed to enable you to change the drain in it? If not has anyone any ideas on how to change it?


Also what is the best way to connect the sink drainer into the new pipe? I was thinking of getting the 28mm drainer bit and then pushing the pipe into the 32mm pipe, and maybe putting some sort of sealant round it? or will it be a tight enough fit to not need to worry about sealing it?





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There should be little difference between 32mm and 28mm piping for draining, so why not use 28mm piping connected to a 28mm fitting?


I would be looking to understand what is current causing the slow water drain and trying to resolve that problem as well.


Narrowed/kinked pipes or problems with any junctions etc.


If the problems with the piping then you can easily solve this with the new pipes, but if it's other fittings that are causing the problems you may need to look to replace those.




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How old is the van? Those "convulated" "wrinkly" pipes get pretty fouled up over time maybe just a real good clean could be the answer.

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Block up the outlets, pour in drain cleaner like mr muscle until they're full. Leave for an hour or so and then flush through with boiling water, works every time for me, all sinks and showers drain quickly, no problem.



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