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Made The Change From Tents To A Caravan, Complete Novices


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Hi to everyone,


The wife and I have several family camping holidays a year and we were the last to get a caravan after many happy years in a very spacious tent with all the home comforts.

We have now just purchased a 2000 SWIFT SIGNATURE 17/4 which apparently is the same as a CHALLENGER 530SE, it came with absolutely everything, right down to the knives and forks. It had a service 18 months ago and I have checked everything and it all works fine and we cant wait to get going for our first trip, maybe even as soon as March.

I used my brothers car to tow it home as I'm still in the process of trying to source the special replacement rear difusser for ours before I have a detachable bar fitted.

Although all the family all have vans now we are complete novices to caravaning so I have so many questions but I will post them individually.


So from the wife and me a big hello.


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Hello and welcome to caravans & caravantalk :)

Paul B

. .......Mondeo Estate & Elddis Avanté 505 (Tobago)

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Hi & welcome,

We have just become caravanner's as well, we camped with a 6 berth frame tent in the 1980's. I posted a problem on this forum, it was solved the same day by the very helpful & experienced members on this forum.

From my limited knowledge I would suggest that caravans require servicing every 12 months, I have read that flexible gas pipes require replacing every 12 months, plus there are grease nipples that need attention plus brakes of course & water filters, ours last's one season.

We bought our caravan in April from a dealer who gave it a full service before we took delivery, they replaced the water filter, gas regulator & flexi pipe, serviced the gas fire etc & suggested we were safe for 12 months when it would need it's next service which is the start of our season, so ideal.

There are members on this forum that know much more than me about caravans, they will offer you help, I just want you to be safe & not sorry.

Enjoy the freedom, happy holidays !


John. Halifax.

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This is the font of all knowledge for caravans.


Like yourself, I too have recently made the transition from tent camping. With your years of camping experience, sign into the Tent Talk forum too. People over there also need advice from time to time.


Welcome to the world of warmth & comfort! (even if a little cramped! :P )


http://www. tentingtalk. co. uk/topic/30-list-your-tent-collection/


Bailey Orion News & Information - 


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