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Have just ordered an Isabella 360 Shadow sun canopy, we are now thinking of using windbreaks with the canopy to give us a little privacy and keep our 2 dogs under control. Does anyone out there use a similar setup that could offer suggestions on good makes of windbreaks and suggested min. height/ length required that we should be considering.



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We have both 360 and 400 Shadows the latter with the front screen the "net". Plus Isabella's suburb three section acrylic windbreak.

The net provides good privacy as well as the shade as intended, but will not house the dogs. Isabella's windbreak is IMO too high for your role, it will more than provide privacy,more complete screening. You will not know what is going on. Great to screen off the undesirable but not what we like close to the van.

There are side screens for the Shadow that might do the job. IMO by adding too much to the Shadow it somewhat misses its purpose as a few minute deployment canopy, one questions then why not put up an awning?


When we had dogs we simply kept them on leads under the canopies we had at the time. The dogs were more than happy to lay there taking things all in, but they were Chows and that was their style.

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The Shadow net is a must, the extra poles really stiffen it all up.

Isabella do their own wind break, pricy but top quality.

Sorry I forgot the dogs, I saw one of these erected behind a

Hobby caravan to contain what looked like a breeding kennels outing!

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The wind breaks shown in the above video are what we use at dog show caravan sites. They have lightweight bars threaded inside the windbreak material top and bottom and are pegged to the floor so dogs cannot push underneath, been using this type of windbreaks for the last 20 years. I bet it's cheaper than Isabella.

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