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Is This A Scam Or Good Bargain


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Oh . .... I think that the advertiser has . ... missed a "3" off the front of his price . ......


. .... or it's stolen . ..... or doesn't exist . .....!!!





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2011 Land Rover Freelander 2, Lago grey 2013 Freelander Dynamic Black, followed by a 2013 Elddis 574 Magnum GT white

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If thats genuine its one hell of a bargain!!

I'd be very very wary - if its too good to be true. ...............................

That looks to good to be true,but they have put the land line as well as mobile phone number,which they don't usualy if a scam.


they've put 'a land line number' in. If you click on the link in the original CC club ad you only have to look down a couple of ads & there's a 2011 one for sale for £45K!!

I refer you to the Rt Hon Member for the 19th Century.....................pictured just to the left of your screen..................


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When we were looking for our current caravan I had a couple of Too good to be true offers, the first one I followed through until the guy said deposit the money into e-bay, who will release it when I have said I was satisfied with the caravan.

I then got an 'invoice' from a gmail account, purporting to be from e-bay. when I told the vendor I was onto his scam, he then offered to take a deposit through paypal. ..

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Kernow Bys Vyken :ph34r:

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I reported this ad to Caravanselecta, they quickly removed it. Well done to them

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