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I'm looking for a beginner caravan under 5 k and wondered about manufacturers for older ones. with regards to reliability and parts are there any safer brands to go for?


cars nowadays are all well built. if anything the less fashionable ones are better than the prestige ones!


i know familys with bailly rangers and they paid around 5k

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If I were in your position,I wouldn't worry too much about the manufacturer. They are just "shades of grey" in terms of their reliability.

Go for overall condition and take a knowledgable friend with you,or pay for a caravan engineer to look over the one that seems best.

A record of regular servicing is important too.

Good luck in your hunt.

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Get a damp meter and use it thoroughly! :ph34r:

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Hyundai Santa Fe+Bailey Unicorn Cadiz

Mini Cooper convertible -fun Car!:)

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