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Gretna Green Services

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Has anyone stopped at the Gretna services?W e are travelling to Culzean in April, had been going to stop at Annandale Water, but reading the reviews we decided not to bother.

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Yes, a decent caravan parking area on the left just before the main car park, (obviously, like many totally abused by others)



P. S. posting your question in the Mobile Internet (WiFi and more) forum was possibly not the best location!

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Gretna services are quite good for parking, but as said caravan area does get abused mainly by the truck drivers. If you are planning to stop on route over the easter weekend it can be very busy.

On site you have, KFC, Waitrose, Gift shop, WH Smith, Usual services restaurant. On the exit you will pass Holiday inn and a BP fIlling station and at the moment derv is £1. 48 per litre.


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