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Static Caravan Anchoring

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does anyone have any info on new insurance rules relating to Ground anchors?


I manufacture Concrete in Ground anchors for motorbikes and have been asked by a site in Scotland for a smaller anchor that can be concreted in.


They want to use maybe 4 or 6 per static and said the all statics must be anchored in 2014.


anyone know if this is the case?



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Hi Johnjojack. You could go onto GoStatic. co. uk and contact the site Admin. I am sure that if any one knows it will be they.

Life in general can be a journey of chance with some winners and sadly some losers. Your outfit can never be left to chance. A short-while carrying out essential checks can ensure a long-time of happy & safe caravanning for all concerned.
Ignorance can often be bliss but is certainly not an excuse and when continually disregarded they can be totally disastrous for oneself and the innocent parties.

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