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Caravan Storage

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A lot depends on the area of the country.

We paid £5 a week (six months inadvance) to store outside at a CASSOA Gold site, but I know that's pretty cheap. Unfortunately the proprietor was a particularly rude and ignorant person so we now store in a field on a CL, but again at only £5 per week.


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Varies according to length of van, area, level of security and whether indoor or outdoor. Around £35 pcm is fairly typical. On this website if you click on TOOLS at the top there is a search facility for caravan storage by area etc. Also website http://www. cassoa. co. uk/ lists all the storage sites that are members of CASSOA. Personally I'd go for Gold level of security: you'll get a discount on your insurance that will help with the cost.

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We pay £450 per year for CASSOA Gold stored indoors with 24hr security which is about £8 per week. Automatic locked gates and cameras. But I know some people use a farmers shed for about £250 p. a.


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I store mine in a place that is predominantly a secure retirement village. There's a security barrier from the main road (card operated). Then drive approx 1 mile through the village and at the back is a gated, fenced, CCTV monitored caravan storage area on hard standing. They supply a wash area with electric and water too. £360 per year.



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We pay £420 per annum for under cover storage in an open fronted barn close top the south coast.


It's on a farm with horses etc etc that warrant CCTV cameras etc. . so not CASSAO. .. but possibly the equivalent in the horsey world!



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