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Happy new year all. Long time no speak.

Having just bought a project van today (adria forma 510c 1993)

It's in solid nick, just cosmetic and small problems to sort.

Bags of character!

On viewing the van the seller had hook up via home mains, a leisure battery attached to a halfords type car battery charger that was plugged into a 240v socket, which was shared with a zig charger plugged into this socket, which was switched on and attached to the leisure battery. .. With me so far?

Anyway got home, binned all the various extension cables around the van, removed battery now charging fine volts about 13. 9 off charge.

How should this zig be used. ?

Also various rear lights were u/s despite bulb changes. Also car 10a rear left lights fuse blew when the 12n was connected to the towcar.

All left side lights were not working except indicator. Right side stop and tail us despite bulb changes.

Inside the van on opposite side to the zig and little white box is an identical white box presuming for the rear light clusters?

I'm thinking replace rear lights (one is cracked in many places) and clean contacts and replace entire 12n into van so as to eliminate some potential corrosion possibilities?

Sorry for the long post just can't wait to take on my 2nd van challenge.



Adria Altea 542DK (2012) pulled by 2016 VW Sharan SEL 2. 0 Bluemotion 187

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