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Car Tyres


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My car needed an MOT as it is now three years old, I drove from my home in Spain to the UK taking the caravan with me, I had no stability problems at all. I also needed new tyres to pass.


I decided to replace with Micheline Primacy 3 as I was told they are a good tyre and I got a fair deal. exactly the same size as before just a different make.


Driving back from the UK I was not so happy with the towing did not seem to feel right it did settle when I got over to France though.


My fuel consumption has dropped by 5 MPG whatever I tried could not get it up to what it was no matter what, for three years it has been more or less the same until I had the new tyres.


Solo feels no different nothing is binding wheels are not getting warm no lights on the dash to indicate a fault and not that long since my last service.


Can anyone say if tyres could make a difference to consumption this being a big difference, I cannot really see how but I am certainly no expert when it comes to tyres.


Anyone any thoughts on the matter please

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You would only expect a worse mpg figure if you changed to a more aggressive tread pattern. The primacy 3 is rated C for economy - can you check the rating for your previous tyres ?

http://www. blackcircles. com/tyres/brands/michelin/primacy-3

Land Rover is now back towing.

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Try increasing the tyre pressures especially on the rear. My Passat estate is 33psi all round solo but I put it up 34/42 when towing and it runs beautifully.


Michelins are good tyres as they have softer sidewalls so absorb road bumps better, although when on hot dry roads it can make them squeal as well. They are not rated the best in the wet but having used them for over 30 years I have never had any problems. If you go for a quieter and less 'sticky' tyre (e. g. Bridgestone or Dunlop) you will get marginally better fuel consumption but at the expense of grip and/or stability. I know which I would rather use.

2018 Passat B8 Estate 150GT TDi150 towing a 2018 Bailey Unicorn S4 Seville

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