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Croatia And Montenegro

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We are vaguely thinking about going to Montenegro this summer. Several years ago we went to Croatia, down to the Zadar area, and now fancy going further south. Dubrovnik is one place we'd like to go to, and the better half fancies going on further to Montenegro. I know there have been topics here about this area, but nothing for a year or two that I can find.


A few questions for the experts here:


What's the current situation on the passage through the little bit of Bosnia on the way to Dubrovnik? I'm thinking here of insurance (car and van) issues and breakdown assistance.


Any problems crossing between Croatia and Montenegro?


Does anybody have any recommendations for campsites round Dubrovnik and in Montenegro. Not necessarily coastal ones as we'd like to see a bit of the country away from the touristy areas. There are just the two of us, we like as many mod cons as we can get - but don't need the full entertainment packages.


As for dates, we'd ideally like to go round June time to take advantage of ACSI sites both when travelling and when at location, but there is a good chance that for family reasons we may be forced into the school holiday time.


Right now this is just a vague thought. We tend not to book things up way in advance and at the moment I'm just starting the research to see if it's going to be feasible in the time (both date and duration) available - but I won't know what that is till a few weeks beforehand!.






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Thoroughly enjoyed Croatia 18 months ago and can't wait to get back. Got down as far as Dubrovnik but had awful insurance trouble crossing that little bit of Bosnia. Thought we were covered by Saga (Green card needed) but when we got to the other side had a call from Saga saying not covered. Fortunately no inspections or accidents! Came back on the Dubrovnik - Rijeka ferry. I believe, but cannot confirm, that the Caravan Club Insurance now cover Bosnia and maybe then Montenegro


Would love to go on into Montenegro. I've heard it is even better than Croatia. Have a look at MagBaz travels. There are several articles on Montenegro and other Balkan countries.

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Just checked my documents from SAGA. Strangely car insurance covers Serbia but not Bosnia. SAGA breakdown cover covers Bosnia but not Serbia

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