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Overnight Stops In France

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I am new to the forum so excuse my ignorance if this subject has already been covered.


We are taking the caravan (Lunar Lexon FB twin axle) abroad to France this summer. I am not sure of the best place just to stop for an overnight on the way down and the way back.


All we are after is somewhere to pull in when us and the kids have had enough.


I have heard abouts 'Aires' and Routiers - but not really sure what either of them are ??


How do I find them, are they free, are they safe etc etc


Any help or advise will be greatly received.







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Beware the Aires de Repos, frankly too scary. .......and Aires De Service are for Motorcaravanners only. .....


Sure there will be lots of people who will follow up with advice. ........we always stay on Municipal sites which we find through the Caravan Club directories. ...



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I totally agree with Geoff, I have 2 reasons why I would never sleep in an Aires de Repos, First is the slightest noise and I would think some one was trying to break in and the second is my wouldn't let me.


Others will be a long and say it will be fine, but each to there own. I just couldn't sleep properly.




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Some sites won't take a twin axle because of the traveller connections so you would be wise to either e-mail or phone ahead to check that you can be accepted on site. When we had a single axle we often used municipal sites as they are so convenient but then I read that they don't now take twin axles. In 2012 I emailed about ten sites in Brittany as I had a rough idea of where I wanted to go but wanted to be flexible. Two didn't reply which I took as a no and a couple said they would accept us out of high season as we could straddle two pitches.

Like the other two posters I wouldn't stay on an aire overnight although some folk do.

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