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Setting Up An Avtex L185Drs With Tracvision

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Im having the devils own job getting my Avtex L185DRS to Astra 1, Hotbird and Astra 2 .


The Set lock on to the Astra 1 sat and tunes into that OK . .. It will not lock onto Astra 2 after a factory reset as we lost cITV (for my kids - obvz) .


I have purchased the USB > serial cable and can see the satellite locked into Astra 1(19. 2) via the KVH telnet console .


Changing the diseqc setting sees the dish look for Astra 2 and Hotbird but not fine them (the sky is open to these 2 sats )


The installer claims LNB1 = Astra 1

LNB2 = Hotbird

LNB3 = Astra 2


Avtex is set as follows


(For Hotbird)


Satellite Ku_Hotbird


Tranponder 11727Mhz / v / 257000Khz


LNB type 09750/10600

LNB Power 18V

22Khz Auto

Toneburst None

Diseqc 1. 0 LNB2

Deseqc1. 1 LNB2

Motor Diseqc 1. 2

Scan Mode FTA Channels



The others are simlar but LNB 1 for Astra1 and LNB 3 for Astra 2


Tried re adding the satellite . ..


Any help greatly appreciated .


Gary aka Ancona Man






Mitsubishi Outlander Diamond 2. 2 (57) Bailey Pegasus II Ancona (2012) Witter Mitsi fitted detatchable towbar .


Previous vans > Burstner 544LUX (1985) 2005 to 2008 , Bailey Pageant Series 7 Bretagne ( 2008) 2009 to 2012

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