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I am currently planning our May/June trip & am puzzled by the route from Salzburg to Dresden suggested on every mapping site I've tried.


Google maps and ViaMichelin both route through Germany on all their options but the most direct (and shortest) route seems to be through the Czech Republic.


We have not towed through either country before - is there something I should know about roads in the CR which makes the map routers avoid them? (I know a vignette is needed).


We would probably have one stop on the way, depending on timings. Would this also make a difference to our planning?




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Have you set up any particular options in the map routing, eg "avoid toll roads", or similar, or indeed do the mapping programmes know that you are towing a caravan. You may be sent a different way because of a particular gradient or other feature that makes it tricky for caravans?


Have you gone for "shortest" or "fastest" route.


I don't know much about the online mapping, as I use the Garmin maps on the computer which complement my "sat nave" (glorified GPS) but there are options which can affect the route quite dramatically.


Could you put in a "via" to get you routed through the Czech Republic if that's the way you want to go?

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Try this Via Michelin link

The summary of the route gives you three choices.

A93/A72 342miles 7hrs 23min

R4 E55 313miles 8hrs 23mins (through Czech Republic)

A9 376 miles 7hrs 10


The route is set "with caravan" and "Michelin recommended". All three are toll free, but the Czech route will need a vignette.


As for towing, we did not find Czech roads any worse than any other country, although on your journey we have only covered the Dresden to Prague stretch (we went east from Prague in 2008). The Prague Eastern ring road was horrific, deep ruts and nose to tail trucks, but there is a new Western motorway bypass which should be good.

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Thanks, both of you. We don't really need to go through CZ, I was just interested in the possible reasons for the routes - although I don't like the sound of the ruts!


Google doesn't give the option of choosing a caravan (or any other option actually!) but gives 3 choices of route, none through CZ unless you drag it that way. On ViaMichelin I chose not to avoid tolls, and ticked caravan, favour motorways & ViaMichelin recommended.


John - thanks for the route link. It was interesting to see the 3 routes side by side, showing that although the CZ route is shorter it takes almost exactly an hour longer - possibly because its not all motorways?


All this may be unnecessary though - my husband has just said could we please go via Munich to visit the BMW factory. ...

Follow the link to read of our travels with & without the caravan :- Blog

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