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Review: Bailey Orion 430/4


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Just downsized from our 2012 Pegasus Verona to a 2012 430/4orion evo/4'same style interior and layout as the Pegasus but massively lighter,ideal for towing with our 2012 ford focus estate. a lot of the fittings are the same as the verona(costing considerably more)due to doing away with the front locker we have only"lost"about 18 inches inside length,we spent a lot of time in the evo to be sure it would be ok for us,the bed is as per Verona,and very comfy the front seating is a bit shorter but no less comfortable,the plinth heater is very efficient and the microwave/combi/grille oven is brilliant,due to the light weight it is also very easy to move around,so apart from a few minor issues(which I fixed)we are happy with the van,perhaps people should spend a lot more time in the van they are going to buy before buying it, to be sure it Really is going to work for them.

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