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Damper And Alko Hitch


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Hi all. ...


couple of questions I wonder if anyone can help. ...


1. I am changing my caravan hitch to an alko style and have been quoted 120 fitted. Does that seem a reasonable price?


2. The caravan has only recently had a new damper fitted. Although I have noticed I cannot push it in by hand even with a fair amount of force. ... should i be able to manipulate the damper by hand or should i get that checked when it goes in for the hitch to be changed?


Thanks all.

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Dunno what the price of a hitch is, but they are easy to change yourself if you follow the instructions carefully - do not just knock out the old bolts, that will just release the damper spring and make it really difficult to push back in. The correct way is to use dowels which knock out the bolts but stay in situ to retain the damper in place.


Replace the hictch and knock out the dowels with the new bolts - simple


I can't push my hitch back against the spring without a lever

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£120 sounds cheap, is it an old model? My new one cost around £300. ..........



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I would suggest that the Alko 1300 has proved to be less than effective at times, the others are all good though.

The damper should not move easily by hand so that's ok. See that the pads are ok too.

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