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2014 Britains 7 Best Caravans,coincidence Or Engineered!?


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Hi to you all out there.

I have just heard the thud of my postal deliveries and dived into Caravan Magazine to eagerly scrutinise the 7 Best of British.

I noticed that Elddis do not have one single caravan that is 'Old School' but SoLiD and mounted on the BPW chassis. Albeit the "New/Reborn" Compass on the AlKo chassis and badged as a Compass Corona 462 has achieved the Best Couples for under £15,500. 00 award.

Not many years back the Compass Corona was the Compass entry level model and I believe that it formed the basis of the Compass Corona Club but on the BPW chassis.

Could the Death Knell bells be muffled?

Life in general can be a journey of chance with some winners and sadly some losers. Your outfit can never be left to chance. A short-while carrying out essential checks can ensure a long-time of happy & safe caravanning for all concerned.
Ignorance can often be bliss but is certainly not an excuse and when continually disregarded they can be totally disastrous for oneself and the innocent parties.

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I wouldn't read too much into that to be honest, it's only recently that Elddis won quite a few categories in the CC magazine.

I think most of the magazines tend to favour what is new, and because Compass is "new" again this year they seem to be favouring them.

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