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How Do I Make It Work?!


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Unfortunately when we bought our caravan it had been cleared out by the chaps mother-in-law. She took out all the manuals, which have never reappeared. ..


I've always ignored the gas connection on the Fridge, never having any use for it.


Things will be changing this summer though, where the caravan will be base camp at Le Mans, and a cold supply of Beer is an absolute essential. As we will be camped in the middle of (probably muddy) field, gas will be needed.


I've randomly pressed the igniter, with no effect, but given that I've had no determination that does not mean it does not work.


The fridge looks like this. ...




The left hand knob switches between, Mains, 12v & Gas. The igniter is to the right. On the right hand side is a gauge that I've never understood, and what I've always presumed to be a temperature control.


Any advice as to how to light, or pointers to an instruction book gratefully received. ..




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mines the same as that. .....

you select gas then hold the temp control knob in then press the sparker a few times when its lit the needle in the little window will go up into the green when its up the top of the green section you can let go of the control knob

If all is well the needle will stay in the green if he gos back to the red you will have to go through it again.

other points to consider is to check the gas shut off valve for the fridge is on.

Also if it has not been used on gas for a while it can take a few gos to light it as the gas works its way through.


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Hi, have you checked the bailey, swift etc forums, as they have pinned to the top various manuals/ handbooks for the various vans,

You will find that there is a red gas check valve that has to be in the on position, if you switch to gas on the selectoron the fridge, press the temperature knob in and hold it, then press the igniter button until you see the gauge start to rise up into the green section, continue to hold the other knob in for approx 15/20 seconds and it should work.

Otherwise what about googling the fridge make and model, it may come up with a manual.

Hope this helps.


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First I suggest you light one of the burners on the hob and let it run until it has a steady flame. This clears any air out of the gas pipes and makes it easier to light the fridge.


Then depress the gas knob at the same time as depressing the igniter button. Eventually the gas will light and you should see the needle on the gauge move. Once you have the flame burning steady, you can release the gas knob.



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And your gas isolation switch should be in that cupboard next to the fridge, make sure it is on ;)



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Thanks Gents.


That's not my caravan, but a similar model with an identical fridge, which was more to hand. .... I've seen the Gas Isolation Switch though. ...


Next visit to the caravan I'll give the gas a go - it's definitely one of the essentials and needs to work - without this help I would not have a clue!


Many thanks also to Dave66 as I'd not found the manuals on here.


Only 6 months to go!

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If it hasn’t been used for a long time, the flue may be full of cobwebs and half eaten spiders.


Cleaning it is quite simple. It entails turning the gas off then accessing the flue and burner jet, then just clean out the detritus. If you can’t access the flue from the outside by removing the vent panel you may have to remove the fridge to gain access.


While it is out visually inspect the burner jet and clean that too if necessary. Test the fridge then securely mount it back in.


Legally you should use a gas safe fitter to do it, but it is a very simple job and not beyond the average DIY’er.

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Many of the OEM Handbooks for your Sprite can be downloaded from here.

www. swift-owners-club. com/support/oem_handbooks. html

You don't give the age of your van but Owners Manuals from 2000 until the present day can be downloaded from www. swiftgroup. co. uk/caravans/handbooks



These links are correct but will only work for me if I copy and paste them.

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