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Winter Precaution


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Hi all, bit of advice needed.

We hopefully take delivery of our new van around the first week of Feb, we plan to keep it on the drive for a week or 2 whilst we find our way around it and how it works. ..then we'll put it in storage for a month or so. ....the question is. ..it will be set up for delivery so when we get it home do I need to drain off all the water OR is it ever acceptable to leave it plugged in to the home electrics with the heater on low on the drive. ...? And would it cost me a fortune in electricity. .....?


Any advice great fully received. ....


Oh. ..I'd only leave the heater on if we were expecting Mr Frost.





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It takes almost no time to drain down. I'd practice it whilst its on your drive.


After the water has flowed out, I close all the taps and blow the remaining water out by blowing down the shower hose - opening the shower tap first on hot, then on cold. Seems very effective. Just make sure you leave the drain valves open!

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You could also ask the dealer when they have finished the demo to give you a demo on how to drain down for winter then leave the drain valves open for the journey home with the taps open inside the van. This should then allow any remaining water to drain away helped by the motion of the van whilst towing. I use this method when packing up and travelling home when we have used the van in winter.

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We have our caravan stored next to the house, it is permenantly connected to the mains.


With the heating on 500w, the fan on low and the thermostat on at about No5, if the temperature drops the heating kicks in and stops the caravan freezing up. If the sun is out and the caravan is warmed by it, the heating stays off so no electric used.

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Hi Timanita,

Herewith another alternative way of keeping the interior of the caravan above freezing.

I use a greenhouse fan heater plugged into one of the mains sockets (with the caravan on the drive and connected to mains). You can set this on the minimum level, which means the heater will only come on when the temperature drops below 5C.

The other tip is that I keep the door to the end-washroom open so that the whoile caravan stays above freezing.


Paul R T


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I made the mistake of closing the tap on the kitchen sink

The first time we used it after the winter the tap started leaking & I had to replace it.

It seems that some water left in the tap froze, then expanded & split the tap

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