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Alde Heating Noisy


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When the heating fires up the pump in the header tank makes aright noise especially when it kicks in at 2 in the morning. When i lift the pump a couple of mil it stops so it must be catching slighty at the bottom. Anyone else had this problem and if so how did you sort it.

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Precisely what I did - a 12v inline pump next to the boiler. My header tank sounded like a pan of boiled eggs on the boil! See here if you wish!


Another possible solution - is the screw top that holds the pump in place on "too tight" - try slacken it off ever so slightly and see if that makes a different.



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Or, as I read somewhere, you can get the washer off the cap of a large water barrel and place this under the existing Alde one. Lifts the pump impeller by a small amount. In all fairness, your impeller shouldn't be catching on anything. Lift the pump assembly out and have a look down into the header tank to see anything untoward is in there. Has been known for the reinforcement nipple that goes in the ends of the expansion pipes on the header tank to fall out.

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Depends on the noise. On my Lunar it became noisy due to incorrect mix proportions in the system.


Link to topic - http://www. caravantalk. co. uk/community/topic/86355-alde-heating-kettling/?hl=alde&do=findComment&comment=970164

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