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Hello all. Camped, Trailer tent, Caravanned, Trailer tented in that order for 55 years and looking now for an old cheap watertight 2 berth lightweight van to continue the outdoor life for as long as I am able. Looked at a 1993 lunar avira today but water ingress had destroyed the front inner wall lining. Too big a job for DIY so rejected and still looking. Not much up here in the Scottish Borders to buy in the good second hand line so will need to travel to Newcastle area to research more vans. The trick is to reject if any problems or doubts and keep looking. Plenty on internet sites to keep me looking for years to come if need be but would really like something by Easter. Keeps me young at heart even if my heart is not as young as it was. Great forum. Will scan it avidly to bring me up to speed in the modern caravanning world. Regards to all.


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Hello and welcome to the forum, I wish you luck with your quest :)

Paul B

. .......Mondeo Estate & Elddis Avanté 505 (Tobago)

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Welcome and good luck with your quest in finding an older water tight caravan, reading on here it seems that people fail that task even buying new!!


When you get fed up caravan searching, you can search the heavens on my mate Dennis's site:


http://www. dens-astropics. org. uk/



Bailey Orion News & Information - 


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:welcome: to a fellow astronomer!


Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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QM, if your prepared to travel it might be worth while to see Perthshire Caravans, Errol. They are half way between Perth and Dundee. Off season, they sometimes advertise older 2 berth vans at a reasonable price.

To check stock, their phone number is 01821 670212.

I am in your age bracket and had to go back to caravans because of grandees---spoilt little beggars.

My present van is a 1993 Elddis which is watertight (or was when last checked in December)

Hope this helps.

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