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Newbies From The Midlands.


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We're Matt, Eve, Harriett and Lexi (the dog).

Bought our first van in July this year after our first Holiday abroad wasn't all that great. All inclusive and a 6 month old baby.

Bought a brand new Bailey Pegasus GT65 Verona. Looks great and hopefully it'll all be spot on, when we eventually get it back from the dealership.

Been away in it twice, and both times have been a bit of a let down, as a result of issues I believe ought to have been picked up on the PDI. They've had it for nearly 2 months now after we had issues with the facia around the centre window, sky light falling out, condensation in the lights, Whale Ivan playing up and the channeling for the awning is blocked up with sealant. The plan is to get away most weekends as the weather picks up, may even look to site it for much of the year, rather than having to commute.

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Welcome Matt, lots of useful info here! :welcome:

2011 Land Rover Freelander 2, Lago grey 2013 Freelander Dynamic Black, followed by a 2013 Elddis 574 Magnum GT white

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:welcome: and hope the dealership sorts you out soon and you start to enjoy this great hobby.


Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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Hello to you all & welcome to the forum

Paul B

. .......Mondeo Estate & Elddis Avanté 505 (Tobago)

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Hi all,


Please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated heater support team if you have any questions about or issues with your Whale Heating Systems.


Tel: 0845 217 2933

E-mail: ivan@whalepumps. com


We look forward to hearing from you.


Many thanks,



Whale Support

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