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Seeing the post about Disney Paris reminded me of our visits to both centres.


Disney Paris started off with a bang 15 euro to park the car, wow I thought the tickets

were dear.


All the staff me met were very miserable and asking for their help seemed to be a big chore

it could have been down to the cold 2011 October weather or the minimum wage.


First ride we queued 40 mins then it broke down, mooch around for a while trying to spot

Mickey and friends. They only appeared on the Parade down the main Avenue and at

certain times for a kiddies photo shoot, other than that they vanish.


Some great rides and plenty for the younger children but be prepared to queue and queue.


Marks out of 10 only 5, due to the miserable staff, and lack of access to the Disney characters.


Parc Asterix 8 euro to park the car, genuine friendly and helpful staff, great rides some

rides were showing their age but the newish Roller Coaster was fantastic and no queues they

also have a Dolphin Show which was a show stopper.


So we felt let down by the Disney Paris but our faith in French hospitality was boosted at

Parc Asterix.


Marks out of 10 a well deserved 8/9.


Bearing in mind this was a couple of years ago and we have not revisited Disney Paris but

have returned to Parc Asterix and had another great day out.









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Do you know if "overnighting" is allowed in the car parking areas, like it is at Euro Disney?


I agree with your comments about both parks. I've visited both with coaches and totally agree with what you have said.


For theme park seekers, "Efteling" (or something like that) in Holland is another good one.



Online blog and travels, although sometimes there is a lack of travel due to work!


It's an uncharted sea, it's an unopened door but you've got to reach out and you've got to explore.

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Cannot assist as we were in the car not the MH so I did not look around.

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