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Greetings From New Zealand


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Hi There,


I used to live in Cannock Staffs until 5 years ago, when we emigrated to NZ.


We have recently purchased a Compass Magnum 524 in as new condition.


Uk caranans are pretty popular over here and there are plenty of people importing them in to NZ.


We are over the moon with our purchase and try and use it when ever we can.


Our van is booked in for self containment certification next week, this will entitle us to freedom camp at certain locations around NZ.


I'm looking at inverter generators at the moment (for remote locations) the Honda looks the best, although if anybody knows different i'd love to know.


Happy Days


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Caravanning in NZ must be the tops! Stayed in cabins on a few kiwi sites on our travels and it was great to see some on the old models that you have down there. It's like turning the clock back 40+ years!

Nissan X-Trail Tekna + Coachman Festival 450

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Hello & welcome to the forum

Paul B

. .......Mondeo Estate & Elddis Avanté 505 (Tobago)

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