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Trip To Costa Brava Return Eastern Site Of France

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can anyone offer suggestions for planed trip to Spain (Costa Brava) in may /June 2014. From Calais I intend travelling down via Millue to Spain, but am considering coming back somewhere around Provence then up on the eastern side of France, Possibly into Western Germany then back to Calais

|if anyone can suggest places to stay on route. We have a period of about 10 weeks for the complete journey

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I'd go for the Dordogne around Sarlat/Beynac area, the Auvergne - the volcanic area around Clermont Ferrand - and as you mention Millau, make that a definite for a stopover - and explore the Gorges du Tarn. You could have a decent stopover in all those places . On the way back, perhaps stay somewhere on the Mediterranean, explore the Camargue (which some love, others hate) from somewhere like St Remy de Provence and take in the Alpilles, and Les Beaux (beautiful area). The Luberon area of Provence is lovely, then the Gorges du Verdon staying somewhere around Castellane, and the Mercantour National Park, taking you up towards the Alps, where you could stay almost anywhere, and then perhaps a side trip into Switzerland, and on into Germany - perhaps via Lake Constance, which is lovely!


Good luck - what a lovely trip and a lovely length of time to spend exploring!

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As you are not on a tight schedule, you might want to save a packet and run toll free to the Costa Brava - this route will take you via Millau.


We loved the small town of Sully sur Loire with it's chateau, going that way on a different trip. You could even run via Paris and have a break there. On a long holiday like you are planning, the world, or France, is your oyster!


We did not like the Provence one little bit and were glad to get to Italy! Sorry, that's just us, so don't be put off. It was too busy and many places crowded.



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ValA has described just the trip I would do. Provence in June is not too bad. Avoid it like the plague in high season as it is so crowded and the roads get clogged.

Call in to Luxembourg on the last leg for cheap fuel (for both car and body!)

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I would love to take the van to Spain, but we are restricted to about 2. 5 weeks max and it's a long haul to the ports from West Wales and Spain is a long journey.

There are some really good ideas here, and the route Val A describes is one I would look to do if I had the time.

We did Germany and Luxembourg last year, had a great time. We stayed in the Black Forest are for a week, just about a week in the Rhine Valley Germany and we had a few days in Luxembourg on the way back. Would thoroughly recommend it. There is a Brucie bonus in the Black Forest, you can get a card which allows you free use of public transport for the duration of your stay, we used it for the trains to Basle and Freiburg.


In Luxembourg we stayed at a site just outside Larochette, we bought a Luxembourg pass and used the buss and the train to explore, catching the train to Luxembourg City and a combination of both to Vianden, Diekirch and a few other places I can't recall.


We were very impressed with Germany ANC would definitely go back.


Enjoy your trip wherever you end up.




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