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Another Good One !

david 1220

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Well the van has been cleaned ready for the next rally . Time to look back at the last 5 nights at Bangor -on-Dee racecourse, the rally -run by the North wales B. C. C. section- was as usual first class. We had a full evenings entertainment each evening. On new Years Eve we had a vert coprihensive buffet


Well another New Years rally has come and gone,The rally -run by the North Wales B. C. C at Bangor-on-Dee Racecourse. We had entertainment each evening and on New Years Eve a comprehensive Buffet prepared/ cooked by members of N. Wales B. C. C. some 100+ of us "let in" the new year in the hall ! We Had ( yet again ) a cracking new year "do"-- better than sitting at home with a glass of sherry each !( yes we have done that in the past ) When we arrived we had the heating on half power ( we were all on H. U. ) after two days reduced power to 500 watts and found it too warm ( wife says it was reasonable ) We sat down at the table knowing only a few people-- and came away knowing them all . Every one was friendly, helpful, and full of good bonhomie,far removed from other people's Christmas/ New Years experience. Money were your mouth is --- yes booked & paid for 2014 !

​So to all the hard working North Wales members who made it such an outstanding success

A big thank you !



P. S. - you have to be a member of the C&CC to partake.

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After many years of "family doo's" at New Year, we went on a New Year rally with our DA. What a fantastic 4 nights/5 days we had! No more sitting staring at each other talking the same old nonsense talked about at every family occasion. We had 4 nights self made entertainment, with a fantastic New Year's eve party and a last night Race Night. Brilliant, and yes we'll be doing it again next New Year eve. Thanks to all at L+SWL DA for a great week.

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