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Is This A Tracker In My Bailey Caravan?

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I came across a circuit board in my 2006 Bailey Senator series 5 Arizona that has an aerial, green light & red light plus what looks like a terminal for a GPS aerial


I thought that trackers were fitted only to series 6 Senator's, I have no paperwork with the caravan to suggest a tracker is fitted.


What would I need to do to get it operational If possible?


Thanks Macca :)


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It is a controller for a motor mover.


The board has several relays and also I can just see a large brass nut on a screw post at the very bottom right of your picture between the 1st and second relay from the right.


I would even suggest it is a Powertouch controller.

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I agree with GS, those banks of relays make it almost certain to be a mover circuit board.

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I too agree that GPS is correct. .. Google PowRtouch (no E in the brand name) and you'll find pics.


skegmacca's profile pic shows a mover (Powrtouch type) fitted in front of the wheel. .. I'm surprised the seller failed to show this to you as the leds can be useful diagnostic aids and also how the 'emergency cable' (which plugs into the board and handset) is used. You should also have a handbook - but that may be obtainable from the makers, Powrwheel if missing http://www. powrwheel. com/support/powrtouch. html

2012 Bailey Pegasus 2 Rimini towed by 2019 Ford Galaxy Titanium X, 2.0 EcoBlue, 8 speed auto.

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