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Camping Cheque V Caravan Club

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I see the Caravan Club have Wooda Farm, Bude on offer this year. Wooda is a really good site with lots to offer. The thing is Wooda already take Camping Cheques for low season caravanning, so for us in June it's £15 per night versus £24 per night. (no brainer!)


If two adults book in for two weeks in June, as Caravan Club members it will cost them £336. If they book in with Camping Cheque it will cost £180, using the 7 nights for 6 discount. It will cost even less if Camping Cheques are bought on the French website at current exchange rates.


Just a heads up for anyone heading that way out of main season.




P. S Wooda also take ACSI card for low season caravanning.

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Seems very odd that they should have a dual charging system. Have to agree Camping Cheque is around 60% cheaper in June per night.

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