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Hi all, first of all a quick intro as I'm new to the site. I was bought up going on caravan holidays,now after a few years break we have our third caravan. I live in worcestershire and currently looking at store and tow sites. Not everybody's cuppa but due to my shift pattern I'm working most weekends and it'd be ideal for the wife and kids to get to whilst I'm at work. I'm looking for any sites that provide store and tow within 90 mins of the Midlands, anyone know of any? Thanks

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Welcome to CT and am not near enough to help you but you could try http://www. cassoa. co. uk/ putting in your postcode.

I'm sure a passing CT member will be able to help you.


Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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Hi Bob

:welcome: welcome to the forum.

why dont you try one of the many 5 van sites around Evesham and Broadway. i am sure that a deal could be done where you leave it there all week and occupy at weekends.

i am open to offers for the use of my drive, complete with hook up and water. .. there you go its a fully serviced pitch :D:D:D

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I've emailed some of the sites round that way but none so far will do it. Your drive it may well be! Peace and quiet will soon go!

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I was going to suggest The Old Oaks, then I saw kids mentioned. They're just over 2 hrs from Redditch and store vans in the old farmyard so they can't be seen. They tow the van out onto a pitch ready for each visit. Providing you stay on site there's no charge for towing out.

I've got nothing to do on this hot afternoon

but to settle down and write you a line.

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