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Wind Generators

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I was going to get one too, that was until I read up on them :(


turbines have come down in price but check the output on the turbine before committing yourself, we found it was going to be better with a solar panel of 50 watts than a turbine flat out in a 50 mph wind producing 25 watts, at about the same cost. (I was going to get one to compliment my solar panels)


I think the Rutland 503 produces 25 watts with a wind at just over 20 mph, and this is for clean wind, no trees hills, houses etc. Some of them do vibrate, but the Rutlands that I looked at were ok,


Another thing I thought about was, turbines always need wind to work, solar panels only need daylight . .....& a good charge controller :)

Paul B

. .......Mondeo Estate & Elddis Avanté 505 (Tobago)

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I'm afraid I was put off alternative technology after visiting the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales with the kids.


It was overcast with no wind and it hadn't rained for a while.


Nothing solar powered was working, too dull.

No wind driven things were turning, too still.

No water power, lack of rain.



The only thing working was the greenhouse heated by the waste from the toilets :blink:

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Interesting one this.

I have put several post in the last few months about solar panals (thanks for all replies), and other ways of getting power on sites with no electrics.

I've looked at wind turbines on boats and wondered how they would work.

Also considered gennies.


My conclusion was to buy another battery, so I now keep two spare batteries safely fixed in my car, and get by like this at a lot less cost.

Yes, batteries are heavy, no problem with towing weight as just the two of us, and very careful when lifting them out at home making full use of my wheelbarrow!


I do wonder why solar panels are so expensive though, they don't seem to have dropped in price as far as I can see during the last year, when usualy things do, dvd players is a good example of that.



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beanz1.jpg Wind generators are cheap! :D:D


And for the vegetarians among us there is always cabbage and cauliflower etc



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Hi just read your post on the subject of Wind turbine there are Pro’s & Con’s of every thing, The wind turbine needs Clean air to give it the constant speed (no building’s trees or some times other Vans can cores turbulence & give your wind turbine the jitters plus you need wind & not from Baked Beans) & like previous posts there is vibration problems with some. Then there are Solar panels & yes it does get dark or cloudy but solar is more reliable especially from the larger panels the better I have an 80 watt panel (yes a bit over kill but im more likely to get some charge even on cloudy day) the choice is yours or rather your wallet it comes down what you can afford and what you think is best for you.






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