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Stolen Caravan...


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Hi all


First time post but long time reader, sorry to say as the title suggests our first ever caravan (since August 2012) was stolen last night from the farm where we store it.


The dirty thriving scumbags used the bad weather as cover and broke through some gates went across a couple of fields to access the storage area and took off with our lovely swift challenger 520 se 2003, awning, aquaroll, waste master and all. ...


All we have left, apart from our memories, are ironically all the security devices meant to protect it, the wheel lock completely undamged with padlock in still in situe, a very bent hitchlock and ball all lying strewn around the field.


Hopefully the insurance will all get sorted and we can get our next van sorted quickly otherwise we are going to have a very disappointed 3 year old :-(


If anyone sees this type of caravan up for sale cheeply please let me know and If your in the Aldridge/walsall area please be vigilant so it doesn't happen to you. ...


Happy Christmas!

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Welcome to the forum though I feel for you at this time. You are right to come on here and I will move your post to the Stolen section where it will get more relevant prominence.


I do hope your insurance company sort you out before the season starts and I know many people on this forum will share your loss.


I am surprised as often vans that get stolen are much newer than 10 years old.


Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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Sorry to hear your news especially at this time of year.


I know it's usually newer ones that get stolen but from where our caravan is sited there have been a few thefrs over the years from the storage, one a Hobby, not sure what year, in May I think it was, a 1986 Viceroy was stolen. There is a barrier with a security code but they'd came up a back road where you can walk through the storage but no one would ever think you could get a car up there let alone tow a caravan. Needless to say the theives had hit it off a tree and got away but all that was left was a trail of polystyrene, broken light clusters and the wheel lock chucked over a fence!


Then more recently someone posted about a storaage site again near here where their in Laws new caravan had been stolen and also a "£300 banger". Don't think anything's safe these days.


Keep an eye on the likes of ebay and Gumtree

Compass Shadow 1988

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Thanks WispMan for moving to the relevant section.


The most annoying thing is there are far newer better vans, with less apparent security and in far easier spots to have taken than mine which needs manoeuvring before hitching and towing out. So I guess I was just unlucky that mine was the type they were after, I should also add they also took a car trailer as well and judging by all the tyre marks in the mud they must have had 2 vehicles.


I reckon they must have scouted it out well before last night to know exactly what they were after and just waited for the right weather conditions when no one would have seen or heard what was going on.

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