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5 Van Site Kielder


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Can anyone suggest a 5 van site near Keilder Forest. I would like to experience the dark skies and take my telescope. ..

Many thanks, merry x-mas,

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This is near Otterburn which isn't too far away, there are very few in immediate area.


  • Lough House Sweethope
    Newcastle Upon Tyne
    NE19 2PN

OR The Caravan Club Kielder site reopens beginning of February and that is at Leaplish actually in the estate.


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Caravanning apart. There are skywatching events arranged at Kielder on a regular basis. I haven't the URL but Google will give the weekrnd dates. I know they have space at these events for tents and vans.


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Yorkshire has dark sky status in Dalby Forest, Sutton Bank and Tan Hill

Paul B

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http://borderforest. com


Hi Roy, not 5 van but you could look at the Border Forest site if you have a 4x4 you can cut through the forest on the Forest Drive to Kielda Castle and the other attractions. Other than that if you are in the cc club Haining Head Farm just out of Bellingham with fantastic views and not far into the forest.

Other than that a small cc site in Newcastleton village is about 20mile away.


Enjoy the dark, I'm sure you will.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I will look into them during my new year break at Robinhoods Bay.


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