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Westfalia SSK Friction Pads


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Hi all,

I am searching for some replacement friction pads for my SSK towhitch (circa1990), they are not around anymore, and I have even checked with the people who bought out the design and stock (Bulldog). Has anyone got a set on a long neglected shelf?

(Hope this is the right section. ..all the classified sub sections seemed to be for sales not wants!)

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I sold my spare set to someone here over 3 years ago. .. they must have been around 8-10 years old even then.


I still hope you may be lucky, though, and someone here has a set! ??


NB the pads and hitch do have variants. .. http://www. caravantalk. co. uk/community/topic/39305-westfalia-ssk-anti-snake-pads/ You may get what you want from abroad http://www. campingshop-24. de/search?sCoreId=dc95127995dbd0d9072ef8e2befffc34&sSearch=ssk

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YouTube have a video showing these and the comments below it seem to show no-one knows where to get replacements.


Must be a common problem.


OP - Hope you don't mind, I've changed the spelling in the title - to help searches etc


Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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