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Archie's Camping Pois Update December 2014

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There is another update to Archie's Campings - accurate POIs for more than 30,000 campsites in Britain and Europe. This update also contains the details of campsites in the 'Discount' schemes of Camping Cheques, Best Deal, and the ACSI Card.


Have a look at the new update here: Archie's Camping - and test your knowledge of campsites by identifying the featured photograph each month.


There are now links to the App for smartphones, too, easily accessed on the front page.


Don't forget to let Archie have some feedback if you find the site useful, or if you find any problems with the data.

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There has been some more amendments to the main file and now the separate ACSI and Camping Cheque files are prepared for download. The ACSI file is particularly useful and much easier than acquiring it from the ACSI site itself.


Various vans 78-2019,  currently  Hobby Excellent 540 FU and Mercedes E220 CDI Estate

www. caravan-europe. co. uk

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Erm - Val - Did you mean December 2013?



Oops - Yes! I'd been doing things at work for January 2014 and got ahead of myself!!!

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