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Dealer Fit Air Conditioning


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I am waiting for my new Elddis Crusader Mistral to be delivered in March 2014, I have taken the option 'dealer fit air conditioning' it seems the dealer doesn't fit it at all? This came to light when I asked my dealer could I have the omnivent roof light that has to be removed to fit the air conditioning unit. I can understand Elddis purchasing the unit, bulk discount and all that, I can even understand it better to fit a the factory but why state 'dealer fit'.


My dealer wants my van for 3 to 4 weeks after it is delivered from Elddis, I thought to clean it, fit the air con and possibly the roof mounted sat dish.


Anybody else come across this.

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Air con and sat both factory fit not that you'd know it from talking with the dealer. Was assured that the factory supplied the kit but put boxes into the van for the dealer to fit - thought that was madness and it was. ..


I'd still let them have it for the three weeks we picked ours up early and boy did that make me regret every last £1 I'd spent

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generally this is a true statement, they offer it as a "dealer fit" option so it keeps build schedules simple (same vans without variation) so as mentioned, manufacture supplies the parts and dealer fits them.


Maybe the dealer is going to get s shock when the van turns up without the specified "dealer fit" options?, wouldn't be the first time, you could always ring Elddis to clarify the situation.



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