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Caravan Storage Inside / Outside?


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I have my caravan in storage which is outside and have the chance of moving it indoors, just wondering what other people think . weather its a good idea or not. .


its not on a farm or anything like that its like a proper steel hanger .

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Mine's indoors, because that's all we could get when the previous one closed at very short notice. But now I'm glad we went there - it's well worth the extra bob or two per year.


It's more secure, it protects against the 'acid rain' we get in north Cheshire, and it's clean, dry and airy. I'm sure the temperature never drops as low as it does outside.


I would think the main thing to check for is pest control.


Just wish it had electric so that I could charge the battery now and then.



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Mine is stored in an open fronted barn and the cost is £5 a month more than outdoor storage.


Whilst the 'van stays dry it does get dirtier/dustier than if it was kept outside.


I keep thinking of putting my breathable Protec fitted cover on it to stop this.


I the 4 year we've been indoors we've had one instance of mice getting in.


Someone said that when it get colder the mice find the barn warmer than outdoors,,, then when it gets colder still the 'van in the barn is warmer than being outside in the barn. ... seems logical.


I went around all the ventilations and gas drop out holes to make sure they can no longer get in and touch wood they haven't in the last 3 years.





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I used to store other peoples caravans in a warehouse complex and it was very popular as more secure ( only problem someone broke into my caravan there and pinched the telly. ....) but we did charge a premium for this service which was happily accepted by all. ...



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My caravan is stored inside . IMO helps protect from the winter weather on the seals and rust. A number of people have thought my caravan is new but it is now 6 yrs old as it is in showroom condition still .


As said it needs a wash to clean the dust at the beginning of the season but it would only need a damp problem repair to offset the extra storage cost.


My indoor storage has electric doors and CCTV and electric and washing area to clean the van with a overhead gantry to get to the roof and hose.


If it is not much more go for it.




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Although I keep this caravan at home my last one was kept under a open barn, it was perfect.


Well it was until they decided to paint the barn while the caravan was still under :(

Then it went from bad to worse as they got a mobile chap to clean it, I think he must have used wire wool :angry:

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Years ago a caravan i part owned was stored inside - A big mistake as the birds that had been sitting above it all winter left a superb deposit all over the roof that had dried really hard!!!

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Mine's in a corn store and yesterday when it was quite mild the outside walls of the caravan in a line with the top of the seating was drenched in moisture, I really couldn't believe it. I assume the inside temp was colder than outside?

The farm cat poohs all around it on the concrete floor, not too worried because I'm sure Roland rat gets a whiff and legs it :-)

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