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Skiing Trips?

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Morning all.


I'm always looking for things to do as a family and after skiing was recently mentioned I started thinking about this again.


I think what I'm looking for is some sort of idea of costs involved for trips to the likes of France.


We have a dry slope near to us that we could all try first (mainly for the kids as SWMBO and I have tried many years ago and enjoyed it).


I don't know if any of it would be financially viable, but I don't really know where to start looking so I'm hoping I can get some friendly pointers from those who know.


Hope that makes sense :)

Just beginning our adventure. 95% of my time on CT I use my phone. As a result correct spelling and grammer will be used sparingly. This is due to fat fingers. Please don't let it bother you.

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I've never been skiing, so am not in much of a position to comment. However a site we stayed on overnight in the Tyrol was a year round site concentrating more on winter than summer. They might be able to help. http://www. arlberg-panoramacamping. at/en/winter-holiday-tyrol/index. php

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As I posted on the other thread. ... I think if you're just going for skiing(and not touring) then the cheapest is fly and rent.


We flew to Geneva from Bournemouth very reasonable. .. even parking on a local drive was cheap. . and the accommodation in Chamonix was top notch, central and not to expensive. ...


We stayed here in early May 2010. ..


http://www. passy-mon. ..e=74AACAM100128


We wouldn't rush to return early season and they did seem to be majoring on chalets. . but it's within driving range of Chamonix and the lakes nice for a walk.


For my son's Stag do we rented this apartment right in the centre of Chamonix and can highly recommend it. ...


http://www. holidayle. ../chamonix/38782


Having been in May with the 'van (enroute to Lake GArda) and in February without. ... ie Flying. . I'd recommend the latter if you're just staying in Chamonix for skiing.


If you want collecting from Geneva Airport. . my son's Best Man runs. .. http://www. cham-van. com/en/





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I'm going in January for my first attempt, I've booked away from the piste as it's cheaper. I haven't booked the ski hire or pass yet, will do that once I get there and if I like what I see. If it's nit for me, there is plenty of Nordic walking or even Nordic ski. The south of France looks quieter as a ski destination- suits me fine! Been looking at the piste on webcams recently and it's quiet there at the movement. Although the Tourmalet region will be more busy I guess!

Caravanless. ...

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Hi, try Crystals ski to France, some of the deals with self catering appartments, are less than £300 per person, currently outside of school holidays this includes flights and transfers. times it by 3 if its Feburary half term! However, on top of that sking has got to be one of the most add on holidays going, if your family hasn't been before you will need ski gear, ski school, (first year at the very least) ski hire, and the expensive one the lift pass, currently £200 each for La Plagne, although there are combined packages but you won't save as much as you would imagine. Then there's the Grand Bierre at 7 euros, 2 coffee's and 2 cokes on the piste your're looking at 20 Euros, you will also wonder in disbelief at the costs charged in the local Spa shop for basic needs. (captive audience)


However for the experience, it can be priceless.

Regards Paul.

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