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First Tow With The Kia Sedona


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First tow with the KIA


We set off on Monday for the Christmas Market in Cologne, a round trip of some 800 miles. This was the first tow with the 2006 Kia Sedona Diesel Auto which I bought six weeks ago. My previous tow car was a 2007 Citroen Exclusive Auto Diesel Estate which was apparently not suitable to tow the Giest caravan that we now have. . I thought that the Kia 2. 9ltr Diesel would have far more grunt than the 2ltr Citroen but that did not seem to be the case. I found the difference between the Citroens 6 speed auto and the KIAs 4 speed was very noticeable. I have read on this forum many times just how good the Kias were for towing so I thought that there would be a marked improvement over the Citroen which was not the case.

The 4 speed auto took some getting used to, I found that I had to build up speed with the revs going up to 3,500 then lift off and let the engine speed drop at which point the gear box would change up and the revs drop. The Sedona was very stable and was not greatly affected when passing or being passed by lorries.

With the speed between 55 60 mph on the flat it was fine but if I tried to push the speed up to 70 mph the engine had to work very hard and the fuel consumption went through the roof!

I wonder if a more modern Sedona would be much better.


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Honest John doesn't appear to have much to say about Sedonas Alan http://www. honestjohn. co. uk/carbycar/kia/sedona-2006/ but it might help.

I've got nothing to do on this hot afternoon

but to settle down and write you a line.

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My Dad used to have a 2001 auto. They make really stable towcars. Remember your tipping the scales at over 2t and they only have 150 ish bhp. I used to tow a twin horse trailer behind Dads and never had any issues.

A seemingly problem free 2010 model Adria Altea 542dk that has more than its fair share of use.

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Hi,it depends what your looking for.

If you want a heavy stable tow car with bags of room inside then it's the right car,if however you want a fast economical tug then it's not.

My brother in law had one and loved it but it wasn't he most economical car.


Just a word of warning I'm sure they had terrible crash test results


61 Santa Fe & 2011 Bailey Olympus 624

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