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Caravan Away For Winter


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This is my first winter with a caravan and have put mine away into storage for a while. Have been reading this article this morning and was wondering what you guys do? http://www. emm-bee. co. uk/news_details. php?id=118


Do you put it in storage or not?


Is this different with caravans and motorhomes?





Caravanning newbie!

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Good advice given we winter ours at the storage yard and make sure the water is drained everything inside is dry and put up on axle stands to rest the suspension. We have got a mouse again in the front locker so will need to take some action on that before he gets inside. Last year we caught about 15 mice even with all holes blocked. Different caravan this year so need to block the big gaps in the front. locker

The more I learn the more I know,the more I know the more I forget,the more I forget the less I know :blink:

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