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Mercedes E Class - Engine Mods For Towing?


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I have a 2006 E class 280 six speed auto diesel estate.


Towbar fitted now but I have not made any changes to the engine.


I cannot see any reference to oil cooling (engine or gearbox) and there is no notes I can find in the booklets that come with the car. So should additional cooling be fitted to either?


Also I seem to remember something about an uprated radiator fan but again cannot find anything.


Has anyone got a 280 or 320 diesel (this is the V6 new engine from 2006) that they tow with and has anything been done to the engine?


My van is only a light Bailey Ranger that is about a ton fully loaded so I am towing at about 50% but I guess the wind drag is about the same as any van.






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I have a E280CDI Estate Feb 2007 7 speed auto. I dont know if this is the same model as yours because there was a face lift around that time that included a lot of mods under the bonnet. I have had no coolers or radiator fans fitted and never needed to. I have towed 15-1600kg now for over 35k miles with this car and find it excellent in every respect as a towcar. I am getting 25 mpg towing and have had no problems at all other than a new battery and that was probably due to lack of use


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I have towed with E class estates although about 15 yes ago and never had any problems. I remember something about extra cooling and also a model that needs a new rear chassis members when a towbar is fitted.


You could try and phone MB technical department to check . Get it wrong and it can be a expensive mistake .




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I've towed with two E Class estates - 2008 and 2010 models - towing a Bailey Pageant Champagne. Both cars were the 220CDI engined models and both towed very well without any modifications and could happily travel up hill and down dale without ever seeming to be underpowered or overworked. Both had automatic gearboxes which I would recommend

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I have towed with a late 2006 (Facelift) E320. It had no engine or fan mods and towed fine. The fact that the car was a lemon and I would never get another Mercedes as long as I live has got nothing to do with it's towing ability. You hardly noticed the van on the back. The only annoying thing was the electrics were a bit low on mine (had the sport and electrics were hidden quite well) so I had to use a cable tie around the tow bar to ensure the cables did not drag.

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Thanks all.


I am sure it is the same engine as my car is a late 2006 and I think it was one of the first of the facelift models which had the new engine.


Problem is the people you ask are the ones who want to get you to part with lots of money to fit a bit they say you need.


Perhaps the idea of gearbox cooling is a bit of a thing from the past now.


I have taken it on a couple of short runs and it has been fine but that has been in cool weather. The temperature gauge did not change at all.


If book does not flag it up and none of you here have made any changes then I think it must be OK.



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