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Cleaning Mastic?

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We gave our 'van a clean before we put it away for the winter and to be thorough I revomed the roof light to clean around them (was also the only way we had to reach the rof in parts) The mastic had lots of leaves, twigs and general rubbish stuck to/in it. I removed most but left some as it seemed deeply embeded into the mastic. Probably never been cleaned around there in its life (2 year old van, new to us).


Whats the best way to tackle this as I'm unsure wether leaving the debris could cause problems as it begins to biodegrade?

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Get hold of the wifes credit card and cut it so that the end isn't round any more. use this as a scraper to cut through to the metal and it will not do any damage to the paintwork. It might even help your bank balance :D . ..Peter. . P. S. It's not a joke, it really works, until the wife finds out :ph34r:

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http://www. diybuildingproducts. co. uk/everbuild-pvcu-solvent-cleaner-1-litre. html?utm_source=google_shopping&gclid=CPLGnLHCprsCFWfkwgod-kgABw


Lightly used it will get the dirt off,be gentle though. Its for cleaning up double glazing frames

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