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Wanting Recommendations For A Value Caravan Cover


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Looking for recommendations for a good value caravan cover, just for the really bad winter months. Nothing too expensive - looking in the region of ~£120 if possible, may pay more if there is good reason. My dimensions are as below, any suggestions much appreciated.



my caravan dimensions are

  • Height = 2. 63m or 8',8" from ground
  • Internal Headroom = 1. 96m or 6’5”
  • Shipping Length = 7. 101m or 23',4"
  • Internal Length = 5. 528m or 18’2”
  • Overall Width = 2. 19m or 7’2”
  • Awning Size = 1031cm

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I purchased a value cover recently, quality sound, fixtures and fittings good. However unless your caravan has a "boxy" front shape to it, the cover leaves a surplus of material at the front of the caravan which you cannot pull back without the front riding up. This surplus of material might lead to abrasion to the paint work or windows. I have seen value covers fit well, check out covers / makes on a storage site which might suit your van.

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