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Buying An Xc60 - Then Join The Caravan Club.........


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I'm sure many of will have seen the ads in the CC magazine this month, but for anyone who hasn't & is thinking of buying a Volvo XC - they are offereing discounts to CC members on new cars.

Might be worth the £40 or so membership fee if it saves you a few hundred on your vehicle purchase & of course it gives you access to all those sites around the UK.


Just thought i'd pass on what i saw :D:D

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I refer you to the Rt Hon Member for the 19th Century.....................pictured just to the left of your screen..................


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I believe 25% is available for the police and other government employees?


I know when I took a test drive that's what the salesman told me.

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The CC 25% discount is only on C70, but it's no longer on sale!


You can get better discounts from a discount broker, eg 26% on XC90 (CC=20) and 17% on XC60 (CC=15).


Affinity schemes are rarely any better than a good negotiated discount

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