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Ferry Offers Dfds At The Nec In Feb

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Can anyone tell me if we can expect some special offers from DFDS at the February show this year or was it only at last years show?


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DFDS have previously had 'Show offers' at both the October and February NEC shows. However, this year's October offer was nowhere near as good as previous years have been.


The 2012 offer (for 2013) was £29. 00 each way for a car and caravan, any date, any sailing in low season, and £39. 00 in high season. This year's offer (2013 for 2014) was about twice as much - the cheapest sailing coming in at over £100 rather than £58. 00. Extra length was also charged for.


There may be a similar offer in February. If we are very lucky they may realise that booking numbers are down, and make an even better offer, but because 2014 is the 100th anniversary of the start of WW1, I think the ferry companies may think they will have enough bookings without making very many concessions.

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Camping Cheques currently have an offer with DFDS - which is about as cheap as you'll get (and for us works out at less than the 'Show Offer' price) as it includes 3 Camping Cheques worth £44. 85 (at 2014 rates).


Details are:


Car and 3 Camping Cheques from £73. 00 return

Car and Caravan (up to 5 metres) and 3 Camping Cheques from £107. 00 return

Car and Caravan (up to 8 metres) and 3 Camping Cheques from£128. 00 return

Motorhome and 3 Cheques (worth £44. 85) from £80. 00 return


Qualifying dates are low season, 06/01 to 03/4, 23/04 - 22/05, 02/06 - 32/07, and 02/09 - 18/12, for sailings between 21. 15 and 7. 30. Supplements may apply for long/high vehicles.


It would appear that you have to phone 01580 214 002 for details as the website doesn't appear to be functioning correctly.

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