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Bellfield Furnishings


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I have just received a quote from Bellfield to re-upholster our existing cushions in our 2005 Lunar Quasar 462 and they are in the process of sending out some samples of materials for us to consider. I gather from the email that the total cost also includes collection and delivery, is this correct as the email was a little confusing? Also I would be interested to see what other peoples experiences have been with having the main seating recovered by Bellfield.


Finally do people think it affects the re-sale value of the caravan if the upholstery is not the original spec? For those that know the 2005 Quasar range the current seats are in a green, blue and yellow design with squares and we are looking to have them changed to a plain beige fabric similar (or the same) as the 2012 Quasar range.

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only dealings with this company was when the damp mattress's saga hit Baileys and they were very efficient and helpful to everyone as far as I know.



While we're talking, envious time is fleeing: pluck the day, put no trust in the future.

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Our friends had all their upholstery redone by Bellfield and recommended them to us when we wanted our foam innards renewed.


They were very efficient and did a quality job. .. and yes the courier costs were included in the price!





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All in price


Did ours and we are pleased with there service


As long as you choose a material to complement the caravan who will know what the original was

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