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Review: Clubman E S


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Great layout for us with fabulous bathroom which was main reason for change of van. Lots of storage space except for larger items (changed from a fixed bed). Good front locker. Overall look is neat and clean and should exude "class". Alde heating works very well.


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We bought our ES new 5 years ago come April and have had serious damp on FNS,& bathroom ceiling and F window cill. and toilet

The gas locker has come unstuck from its hinge on the strut side twice and has been replaced twice (I notice the fixing has now been modified)

The ceramic toilet bowl has been replaced with plastic as it kept leaking,

The 1st time of use after repair we awoke to find the bathroom floor awash with toilet flush fluid, where the flush pump spigot was damaged during change over and only showed when we next filled the tank when on site. We called in a mobile fitter to sort it and had to argue with the CC warden to allow him on site. They only wanted me to pack up and travel to his workshop awning and all. because it wasnt club policy to allow commercial vehicles on site!. Hang on a minute 'I' am the club. Shall I ask the fitter to park up the road and walk in with his tool box ??

From new, the interion lighting wasnt working correctly but we were happy to wait until its 1st service ( when the 1st damp was discovered) to get that fixed.

Where the bathroom ceiling vent wasnt sealed properly from new, water ingres siezed the pull switch which I replaced so we could keep using the van while waiting for replacement panels to arrive at our dealer from Lunar.

One of the cooker ignition thermocouples packed up which I hardly think a Lunar problem . I replaced that myself once I realised how it all came apart.

Worst of all the floor delaminated from front to back after 4 years which was out of warranty.

However our Dealer Chichester Caravans of Winchester have taken care of all these problems as they arose including injecting the floor quit happily and to our satisfaction.

We have viewed many different styles and layouts but have been unable to improve on what we feel is the best design for us We hope we dont suffer any more damp as the 6 year warranty is getting close to finishing and what then?

A furtherpoint of interest: Lunar have changed the weight statistics for this years model

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After reading the long list of woes I thought I was seeing things when in answer to "would you recommend it?" You put YES! All those problems, the company refusing to speak to you and a rating of 3 stars and you STILL recommend it? I find that very strange

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I have a Clubman ES which is being part exchanged for a Coachman ( due delivery this month).

The Lunar build quality is dreadful. Design and layouts are good but too many things go wrong with them.


1. 100% damp at kitchen window.

2. 30% damp at toilet waste cassette.

3. Entire rear end renewed due cracks.


Lots of veneer came away and needed re glued. Cooker cooling fans fell off. Water pumps seized. wet box cracked and replaced.


I could go on and on. Too many things to list.

I would never buy another Lunar.

I did like the Lexon 470 but ran a mile when I found out about the windows. The Lexon 470, on my Dealers, forecourt had warped windows and that was from the factory.


Lunar did repair everything under warranty but how long can a manufacturer keep paying for this dreadful QA at the factory.

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