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Solar Panel Connecting/disconnecting


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I am about to fit 2 solar panels to caravan. both panels have plugs on them which say "Do No Disconnect Under Load".

After I've gone through my charge controller can I just remove the battery leads, or do I have to cover the panels first? Could I put a switch on the "Live" side and if so, where?


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I’m not a solar panel expert but I would imagine this advice is to avoid arcing which would be present when any electrical circuit is disconnected (inductive back-emf) but most obvious when under load. Depending on the prevailing weather and controller type, the current on the battery side will likely be more than on the panel side, therefore more susceptible to this issue.


Personally, I would just accept a few sparks but if you wanted to be extra safe you could, as you say, cover the panels or: (1) Ensure the main battery is fully charged [to reduce charging current] and (2) disconnect the battery master [to reduce ancillary services current] before disconnecting the controller output.


I think adding an in-line switch might be a bit over the top, imho.

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