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Alko Premium Jockey Wheel


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I used the Alko Premium Jockey Wheel for the first time this weekend and it was steering strongly to the left . I was using a Powrtouch Evolution Motormover on my Bailey Unicorn S2 Valencia. The caravan has always steered straight when using the original jockey wheel & an Alko pneumatic jockey wheel. The pneumatic jockey wheel kept going flat & was impossible to inflate attached to the caravan. I was assured at the show that the premium wheel was the answer to my gravel drive, which it did ride over very well, but on tarmac or gravel it was always steering to the left.


I would welcome members comments as to whether they have had the same problem & how to resolve this issue.


Bailey Unicorn Valencia S2 & BMW E61 530i

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In my experience they do not always go straight anyway, you usually have to lean on one side or the other to keep them on the straight and narrow. ...Peter

Peter and Sandy pulling a 2016 Coachman VIP 565 with

2016 Ford Kuga 2. 0. 180 ps. Titanium Nav.

Retired and loving it.

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We have the Al-Ko jockey wheel and haven't any problem described. Does what it should over gravel and Tarmac.

Sadly no van anymore but 35 years was a good run


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