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Upolstery Cleaning How To Freshen


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If you want to freshen rather than clean I would mix a weak mix of carpet shampoo and dampen a cloth with it and wipe but if you want to clean mix a stonger mix but you can get upholstery wipes and they are quite good and not to strong smelling


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hi what do you use to freshen your seating dont like using perfumed cleaning as some are very strong what do you use anyone have any tips


from sue

Hello, :rolleyes: cleaned our upholstery at beginning of last season with diluted Vanish carpet and upholstery cleaner.

Work it up to a foam in a bowl with a big sponge and just use the lather; don't wet the upholstery (just a bit damp), leave cushions out in a sunny garden, or warm room, and when dry, just vacuum upholstery.

Our upholstery came up a treat, it wasn't really dirty, but felt it just needed a lift. It has kept fine, and I won't be doing it again for some years. Hope this helps. :rolleyes:


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